How You Can Help Your Dad Stay Fit & Healthy

What did you get your dad this Father’s Day? A customized cake? Greeting card? New watch?

Whatever it was, we’re pretty sure your dad loved it. But, how about a second gift? Something far more lasting? A gift of good health? After all, if you have health, you have everything.

Here’s how you can nudge your dad in the right direction towards healthier living.

Start at home

You don’t need to get your father a gym membership to start a fitness habit, especially if he’s not interested in going to the gym. Simply helping him begin with home-based routines with the help of fitness CDs or videos can go a long way. Joining him for a daily walk or jog can also be a great motivation for him, as you both get to spend some quality time together.

Boost his nutrition

Based on your dad’s age and nutrition needs, help him eat right with a balance of complex carbs, healthy fats, protein and vitamins/minerals. Take the help of a family doctor or dietitian if necessary to chart the perfect diet plan for him.

Get going

Did your dad play a particular sport in school or college? Encourage him to engage in these sports during the weekends. You can also challenge him to play a few games with you! Or does he like to take long strolls to the nearest market or park? Help him do the things he enjoys so he’s not bored or discouraged.

Keep motivating

Getting and staying fit takes a lot more than just time or money. It requires constant motivation, which you need to deliver consistently to your dad, but without nagging or complaining! Make an inspiring music playlist for him, or get him a fitness tracker so he can monitor his progress.

Good health begins with a few simple steps. Try the above steps to promote health and wellness in your dad’s life.

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