How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Achieve Fitness

Importance of Psychology

Psyche or our mind is one of the most important things that regulates most of our decisions, actions, and activities. It is often said that fitness is a state of mind – but not many people actually understand what it means. It has a deeper meaning – exercising and eating healthy are not the only things which are important to develop a healthy lifestyle. An even more important thing is to understand and accept the fact that fitness is not an activity or a set of activities – fitness is a lifestyle.

The Role of Your Mind in Understanding Fitness

Weight loss, for most people, is not an easy challenge to accomplish, some people struggle for years trying to lose weight, while there are some who seem to lose weight rather easily. What is the difference between the two? In addition to eating healthy and exercising, the major difference could be the willpower to attain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind. The major problem with most weight loss regimens in modern times is that they stress just the physical aspect and are focused on short-term results. Fitness cannot be achieved through short, crash-course like regimens – fitness can only be achieved through long term habits.

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How to Train Your Mind to Achieve a Fit Body

One of the very first steps towards fitness is creating a positive self-image of yourself. Start with making subtle changes in your lifestyle.

  • One of the first habits that you can develop is to eat in moderation. While willpower plays a crucial role here, you can also trick your mind by doing or not doing certain things. Skip opaque containers or eating straight out of the bag. That’s because we humans measure the quantity of food we consume visually, and if we can’t see how much we’re eating, we tend to overeat. Also, using smaller plates and filling parts of the plate with salads will convince your mind that you’re full and stop you from taking a second helping.
  • Yet another way is to think of exercise as a fun activity rather than a boring task – do what you love – be it running, swimming, or playing games like tennis, badminton, etc. Involve your friends and family members to make your workout sessions more fun.
  • Set challenges and goals that motivate you to do better. For example, if you walked for 4 kilometres today, challenge yourself to do 4 and a half tomorrow, and try your best to meet those goals. Be your own competitor.
  • Don’t beat yourself up on off days. If you skipped an exercise routine, don’t make yourself feel overly guilty about it. Like we said, fitness is a habit and it’s okay if you miss working out a day or two. Because those few days won’t change the habit that you’ve developed over time. Right?

If you put your mind to it, you can achieve everything. Even, a fit body and a healthy lifestyle!

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