How to use technology to become fit

The power of technology is now accessible to each one of us. Thanks to our smartphones and user-friendly interfaces that have made its use so simple and hassle-free. This is true even for the older generation that have spent most of their lifetime, using landline phones and letters for communication. Therefore, technology is a welcome bliss for most of us. And while there are some downsides to it, with responsible and moderate use, we can considerably reduce the negative effects it can bring with it.

The fitness and health space has also greatly benefited from the use of technology. Here, we show you some ways how you can leverage the use of technology to get fitter, healthier and happier! Most of these features are available in the Breathe Well-being app!


Smart Watches

The increasing popularity of smart watches has upped the ante when it comes to fitness. This is because it has now made fitness into a daily game or a challenge as opposed to relying on the weighing scale to learn about the impact of your workouts on your body, which didn’t change as quickly as you’d have liked it to. With smartwatches, you can now have real-time information about the daily steps, heart rate, sleep time and quality, and even calories burned at any time. This gives you the power to not only keep a close watch on your health indicators but also make necessary changes while there’s still time left in the day, such as walking home from work if your daily steps count is low.


Smart water bottles

Drinking sufficient amount of water can wash away toxins from your body, make you less hungry, keep you energetic and help maintain your cardiovascular health. Most of us know this and still somehow don’t drink enough water. Now, you have a friend—Smart water bottles. These bottles can track your water consumption and also remind you to drink water by blinking or vibrating. Smart water bottles can also be connected to your phone or other fitness apps as well.


Online Videos

For those who want to exercise alone or independently, or those who don’t have the flexibility to follow the schedules of dance and fitness studios, online videos are your best bet. You can get access to the best videos by professionals to learn whatever dance forms or exercises you’re willing to learn.


Exercises apps

Often when we are working out on our own without a trainer, we have no idea whether or not we are doing the right kind of exercises or focusing on the right areas of our body. With exercise apps, you can get access to daily routines and schedules to follow structured, systematic workouts with expert trainers and instructors to help you do it the right way.


Activity-specific apps

You can also select apps based on the kind of physical activity you want to perform. For example, there are special apps based on running and cycling, yoga or strength training. Some also give you the option of selecting your favorite trainer from a host of experts. These apps also come with tracking capabilities to monitor progress.


Food and diet apps

There are quite a few good food and diet apps that work as your food journal. You can log the details of the food you eat every day, along with drinks, beverages and water. Some of these apps come with built-in food database that can count the calories contained in the dishes you eat to calculate your total calorie consumption in a day. For healthy cooking, there are plenty of apps that contain healthy recipes and cooking videos that come to your rescue. These apps are great even if you’re a beginner cook.


Direct access to trainers and nutritionists

Getting reliable, professional help couldn’t get easier than this. There are certain paid apps that connect you directly with experts and professionals in the field of fitness such as instructors, trainers, dieticians and nutritionists. They can assess your diet and exercise routines, monitor your data, guide you and also track your progress.


Meditation apps

Guided meditation is a huge trend nowadays with the advent of apps. Meditation is not easy and not everyone is comfortable taking a class with a group of other people. With the growth of effective meditation apps, all you need is to plug in your earphones and a quiet place to sit, where you can begin your meditation practice.


This is definitely not an exhaustive list of the different ways in which technology can help you achieve fitness and become healthier. But, these are few effective ways how you can use technology for your wellbeing.

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