How to Start Your Day on a Positive Note

The most important time of the day is when you wake up. Your first thoughts after you wake up often direct your day—have good thoughts, and your day goes great, have bad thoughts and your day is ruined. We’re pretty sure you’ve experienced this first hand. And you feel you can’t do much about it.

Well, you can.

You can proactively start your day positively.  Here’s how…


Wake up and introspect

Changing the way you wake up can turn your life around. Decide not to hit the snooze button, sit up when the alarm goes off, and train your mind to do some introspective thinking. The introspective thinking, while it helps you pull your brain out of sleep, it also helps you to reflect on your thoughts and actions. Some people prefer to use a journal to jot down their early morning thoughts.


Meditate and gather your thoughts

Don’t jump-scare your brain and body out of bed after you wake up. Both the brain and the body are in the resting phase, and need time to adjust. Focus on your breathing for a while, maybe take some deep breaths. More oxygen helps freshen up the body and the brain. Using this time to meditate will be a great idea!


Plan your day while you shower

While you shower, plan what you intend to accomplish in the day, set daily goals, be it personal or professional. Setting goals help you plan a fruitful day instead of just going through every day as a routine, which helps you develop a positive self-image and also make real progress in life.


Never skip breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You know that, and yet you miss it on and off. Morning is also the time when the body needs energy the most. Eat a healthy breakfast to give your body the energy it needs to kick start a day full of accomplishments.


Practice gratitude

A lot of times we feel bogged down in life because we give more weightage to our problems – the negativities. Seldom do we take time out to appreciate what is going well in our lives. Do you know what the best time is to feel grateful about the good aspects of your life? That’s right, in the mornings.



Now, like we’ve said a hundred times before—you should exercise when it’s convenient for you. But, exercising makes you feel good, and doing it right in the morning is one of the surest ways to get a positive start to the day. It also makes you feel like a winner, and the feeling is likely to last through the rest of the day.


Most of us set our alarms in a way that as soon as you wake up, you dive right into the morning chores—making breakfast, packing lunch, getting kids ready to school, getting ready for work, and so on. Set your alarm at least a half hour before the mad morning rush, so that you have some time for yourself. This can go a long, long way in keeping you relaxed and calm the whole day. Try it out tomorrow morning, and you’ll know what we mean!


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