How to resume your fitness routine after a holiday break

As we are beginning to wrap up the holiday season, the time has come to get back into the daily routine of work and working out. It can get quite challenging to get back to your old fitness routine. But, to do so is important, especially because of all calorie consumption during the holidays.

Therefore, we thought we should help you. Here’s how you can smoothly transition into your fitness regime after a holiday break.


  1. Slow and steady

During the holiday, when most of us skip our workouts, the body tends to move away from the state of fitness to lethargy. So, it is advised to take it slow with your workouts when you resume. No need for any heavy exercise, just light and core building exercises that will help the body regain its strength gradually.


  1. Wash down the toxins with water

After all those chocolates, cakes, carb filled meals and alcohol, it’s time for you to start washing them out of your system. Increase the water intake in your body even if you don’t feel the thirst. This will help flush out all the toxins.


  1. Stretch

It is very important that you stretch your body so as to avoid any muscle pulls or injuries. The body does tend to get stiff after a workout break and stretching helps release the tension in the muscles.


  1. Be consistent

After a long holiday, it is easy to put aside a workout, letting your mind take over with its laziness. Hence, to get your mind and body back in line, be consistent with your workout regime.


  1. Eat right

You need to get back to eating some good and wholesome food. After treating yourself to all the festive delicacies, you need to find good nutrition for the body to bring back the lost balance of your own fitness.

And thus, you slowly walk yourself back into a fitter, healthier body!


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