How to meet your hydration needs in winter

Water is the most essential need of the body. You know this already. And you might also know that the urge to drink water is more prominent during the hotter seasons of the year and less so, during the winters.

In fact, it has been found that the sensation of thirst is reduced by forty percent when the temperatures go down. But, the body still loses the same amount of water as it would do in the summers. Perhaps, even more. Cold weather can be a contributing factor to increased dehydration in this season.

Have you noticed that the urge to urinate is more frequent around this time? Increased urine production, sweating due to heavy clothing, higher energy loss during physical activity, and of course, reduced thirst, are all factors that can cause dehydration. Plus, the dryness in the air can also be felt by the body. Notice, how your lips crack and your skin becomes scaly?

Hence, it’s extremely important to stay hydrated during the cold weather, even if you don’t feel naturally thirsty. Now, the challenge is how to do that.

Here, we present to you some amazing tips that’ll ensure your body gets adequate supply of water in some form of the other, even as the mercury dips.


  1. Fruits

Fruits have a high level of water content and it comes in handy during the winter. The level of water in the fruits helps the body stay hydrated, but also nourishes it with the essential vitamins and minerals that they carry in them.


  1. Soups

Remember the time your mum gave you soup when you had a cold. Soup is such a comfort food to consume. Soups, not only keep you warm when you’re sick and nourish the body with all its nutrients, but they also hydrate you as they have a lot of water in them.


  1. When you move, drink

Yes, to meet your body’s water needs, remember to drink water. While many of us tend to forget to regularly consume water, make it a point to at least have water intake that matches your level of physical activity. That means, if you have been physically active, you ought to drink more water to complement the water loss.


  1. Hot chocolate

Sounds yummy, right? Chocolate milk is great as a post-workout drink as it contains a lot of proteins and a little bit of carbohydrates, in the right proportion so as to recover the energy lost during the workout. With some added warmth and taste!


  1. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine cause your body to get rid of excess water by aiding the urine production. And you don’t want that happening during the winters, when the body has the natural tendency to become dehydrated.


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