How to get exercise during Work days

It is said that your body is your temple. If that is true, most people with desk jobs could be called atheists because your desk jobs can damage your body in more ways than you think. How? They require you to sit, for hours, at a stretch.

Dr. James Levine, the inventor of the treadmill desk, says—Sitting is the new Smoking. And this is not just a statement; it has solid backing from science, as researchers have found evidences that prolonged sitting increases the risks of developing various types of cancer, heart disease and type 2 Diabetes.

No, we don’t want to scare you. We just want to make you are aware, and show you a way to deal with this. While we cannot do away with our jobs, we can certainly make some small tweaks in the way we spend our time at work, to counterattack the damage sitting can cause.


WALK THE TALK – Change the way you hold meetings or answer phone calls at work. Instead of booking a meeting room, just get out of the office and walk while you talk. Did you know even a 10 minute walk burns up to fifty calories?

Plus, this would work as a welcome break for everyone. And by the way, people think better while walking. An active body paves way for an active mind!


STRECHING/EXERCISE BREAKS – Every hour, set an alarm for stretching.  Stretch your neck, shoulders, feet, back, chest, and arms. And if you have a private office, exercises like jumping squats and desk pushups can be a great way to get the blood flowing and result in burning a good number of calories.

The idea is to loosen up the muscles and release the tension in them caused due to sitting or lack of enough bodily movements. These breaks will also help you recharge and refresh, and you’ll be able to concentrate on your work better.


DESK EXERCISES – While stretching/ exercises can be done in regular intervals, there are simpler desk exercises which you can do while working, without being noticed. Taping your feet, raising your calves, pretend-walking etc. are some ways to keep your body in motion, even while being seated.


KEEP SNACKS AWAY FROM DESK – Replacing crisps and chocolates with healthy snacks is great but go one step further and keep them at a distance from your desk, so that you have to walk to get them, every time you want to munch.


DOUBLE UP THE FUN BY INVOLVING OTHERS – Include stretching and exercising as a part of your daily team activity. Involving your team members or the people in your bay, won’t just make this more fun and exciting, but also something that everyone would be looking forward to each day. It’s a fantastic way to remind people that fitness doesn’t have to take a backseat when you’re busy working.


DESK REVAMP – Now, this one’s especially if you’re working from home, or have a private office. Replace your chair with a stability ball, get a standing desk or treadmill desk, or bring in a desk stepper to up your game!


In addition, don’t forget the basics – drink lots of water (that way you’ll be forced to walk a lot as you’d have to take frequent washroom breaks) and keep tabs on your diet and fitness routine. Lastly, start taking the stairs already!


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