How to deal with Insulin Resistance

What is Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas to control the sugar levels in our body. It helps the cells in our bloodstream to absorb sugar from the carbohydrate intake and convert it into energy and store it for future use. Insulin also converts the excess sugar, which is present after a meal, into glucose. This glucose is stored in the liver and released when our sugar level is low, like in between meals or during exercise.


What is Insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance takes place when the cells in our body cannot easily absorb the sugar in the blood. This means that the cells do not respond to the insulin as they should.

Because of this, the pancreas keeps making excess insulin to help the cells absorb the glucose from the blood. As long as the pancreas keep making excess insulin and the sugar keeps on getting absorbed by the cells, the body’s sugar level stay in control.

However, due to certain reasons such as old age, unhealthy diet habits, genetics, obesity, or other factors, our body might develop resistance to insulin. Here are some precautionary ways to deal with this problem and improve our insulin sensitivity.


How to prevent insulin resistance in your body

  • DIET – Eat food which helps increase your immunity. Foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables which contain a lot of fibre, ginger, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon. Add green tea to your daily diet. Avoid extra sugar, extra carbs, etc.
  • EXERCISE – Regular exercise helps in improving insulin sensitivity. Exercise leads to movement in the muscles, which helps in moving the sugar thus increasing insulin sensitivity.
  • SLEEP – A good night’s sleep also helps in improving insulin resistance. Our body requires at least eight hours of rest to function properly. Poor sleep increases insulin sensitivity.





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