How to beat the stress that come with parenting

Arguably, one of the toughest jobs in the world, that doesn’t come with any training but where the stakes of making mistakes are too high, has got to be parenting. There is no rule book for parenting. And no one can teach you how to be a good parent. You get better only with first-hand experience. And that’s why, it’s stressful.


But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There may be situations when you might get really mad at your kids but most day-to-day struggles and challenges can be managed. These suggestions will help you keep your calm while parenting!


Keep your empathy in check

We love our children and get very emotional seeing them in pain. This can lead to overreaction at times because we tend to look at the situations that inflict pain on our children in an amplified way. As parents, it’s very difficult to have an objective view of things that concern our children but it’s essential to make an effort to do so. Because, empathy may sometimes result in rash decisions or uncalled-for reactions.


Mentally plan for the future

Stress levels will be quite high for certain events such as your kids’ exams or if something important was coming up on the work front, or family functions. However, you can manage such situations in a much better way if you anticipate their impact on your mental state. You can be in the best frame of mind during such time by getting plenty of rest, better planning and preparation.


Focus on the broader picture

There may be times when your child’s actions make you mad beyond your control. But, before you react or say anything, take a pause to analyze the situation and assess your reaction. Is this so important? How is it going to impact your kid’s life? Can there be a better way to make your kid understand? Emphasize on the things that are important and make peace with the fact that some things can be learned only with experience and maturity.


Evaluate the deeper cause

While focusing on the broader picture, it is equally important to understand the possible causes behind certain actions of your kids. For example, if they always throw tantrums on the smallest of things, spend some time thinking if it is because they want to throw a random tantrum, they want to annoy you or is it because they want your attention. Based on your assessment, make necessary changes and observe if there’s any subsequent change in their behavior.


Make sleep a priority

After becoming a parent, sleep patterns take a big hit. But, parenting does become a lot more manageable when you are well rested, energized and fresh. And therefore, no matter how difficult or challenging it may seem, please get enough sleep, even after becoming a parent. Especially, after becoming a parent.


Don’t be a mediator, let children sort out their problems

They may argue and fight, but they’ll eventually solve their differences, whether it’s among siblings or friends. Yes, you should intervene if they become violent, but for the most part, let them deal with their own issues. This is an important life-skill that’ll help them in the long run. You cannot be with them all the time to solve their problems, and they should know that even when they are little.


Make time for yourself

This is the most important aspect of parenthood. Often, the most neglected one. Of course, as parents, your children are your priority. But, so are you. Make time, however busy your schedule is, for yourself. Take care of your health and fitness. Get enough sleep. And finally, do the things that make you happy whether it’s cooking, dancing, going out with friends or even traveling. When your kids grow up, they won’t be happy to know that you sacrificed your life and your happiness for them. Live for them.

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