How adding Nuts to your diet can be beneficial

Nuts do not just taste good, but are also beneficial for your health. Nuts are rich in energy and nutrients. They are a source of good fats that help maintain the cholesterol levels in the body. They are also believed to be good for your eyes, skin and keep diseases like heart diseases, Alzheimer’s and arthritis at bay. With so many pros packed in them, you ought to incorporate nuts in your diet, way more than you do now. Let us tell you how…

  1. Add nuts to your salad – Wouldn’t you love to bite into some crunchy goodness while eating your greens? Walnuts, almonds and pine nuts are some of the popular choices that make it to the bowl. These are nutritionally dense foods that are rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and protein.
  2. Use Pesto sauce – Instead of going for the regular tomato or pasta sauce, use pesto sauce which is made from pureed pine nuts, olive oil, basil, garlic and cheese. A great combination of proteins and healthy fats. But, you know there’s another reason to switch to pesto—its absolutely delicious taste.
  3. Use Nut Butters – Ditch the traditional butter and go for peanut butter or almond butter for your sandwiches. Nut butters have far lower levels of saturated fat in them as opposed to traditionally made butter.
  4. Add nuts to smoothies and milk-shakes – Throw in some nuts into that smoothie like your mom used to. Adding nuts to milkshakes and smoothies like cashews, almonds and dry fruits like raisin will not only add to its nutritional value, but will also enhance the taste by a hundred percent!
  5. Make protein bar – Eating a protein bar post a work out session is a good idea, and you can make one yourself at home. Add lots of almonds, cashews, walnuts and pistachios, these nuts contain high amounts of protein. Add cocoa powder if you are a fan of chocolate. Enjoy a tasty bar guilt-free.
  6. Add nuts to your cereal – If you haven’t done this already, do you even have taste buds? Breakfast cereal (even oatmeal) and nuts is a match made in heaven, which we are sure even god relishes. Just try it for how good it tastes. The nutritional value is just an additional perk.
  7. Add it when baking – It’s no secret how delicious freshly baked goods such as muffins, breads and cakes, taste when they are loaded with nuts. Do not shy away from adding a lit bit of health here and there. It is only going to do you good.

We all know that nuts are good for us, but for some reason we restrict their use to desserts and ice-creams. Well, it’s time to make your diet more nut-ritious by increasing the nut quotient in it; we’re pretty sure you won’t regret your decision!

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