Here are 5 Habits of a healthy family. Does your family follow them?

Being healthy as an individual may be tough, but putting health goals together and working on them as a family is both fun and rewarding. If you’re not doing this already, or don’t know where or how to start, just follow these 5 simple habits.


Plan meals

Your body is your temple, don’t fill it with trash! Go grocery shopping with the family, pick healthy foods to prepare balanced meals with fruits, veggies and meat. Stock the pantry with only fruits and nuts to snack on, so everyone automatically reaches out to them when they’re hungry.


Take 20 minutes to be active

You want the kids to be active, but they learn from you! Plan 20 minutes of daily physical activity – it could be as simple as taking a brisk morning walk together. Or an exercise or even a dance session. It helps you bond and also imbibes good fitness habits in the young ones.


Turn off the gadgets

Family time is not sitting in front of the TV or spending endless hours on the smart phone together. Reserve half hour every night, preferably when you have dinner together, for meaningful conversation and to enjoy each other’s company.


Keep bedtime sacred

Early to bed and early to rise, keeps a family healthy and well-rested! Keep gadgets out of the bedroom, tell the kids good old-fashioned stories to put them to sleep. Or create a bedroom ritual for the family to improve everyone’s sleep quality to have an energetic and fresh start for the next day.


Be a team

Remember, you, your spouse, your parents and your kids are all part of one unit. Sharing the chores, helping prepare meals, and getting fit together ensure everyone is doing their part. It encourages teamwork and prevents putting undue stress on some members.


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