Heart Disease — The Diabetes Connection

Statistics conclude that a staggering 68% of diabetics over the age of 65 die owing to some or the other form of cardiovascular or heart diseases and around 16% diabetics over the age of 65% die due to stroke.

Diabetes Causes Cardiovascular diseases

Repeated studies over the years have concluded that diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are closely linked. Most diabetic patients usually suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease—the most common being elevated blood pressure. Research by the American Heart Association suggests that adults who suffer from diabetes are 4 times more likely to die of heart diseases than non-diabetic adults. Diabetes has also been listed as one of the seven major controllable and manageable factors causing cardiovascular diseases.

How to manage diabetes

Diabetes management through proper knowledge among diabetics is one of the best ways to reduce illness and mortality owing to cardiovascular diseases that affect diabetes patients. Diabetes management also helps prevent kidney, eye, and nerve diseases caused by diabetes in addition to cardiovascular diseases. The task of managing diabetes is completely focused on controlling diabetes through the regulation of average blood glucose levels through the A1C tests, Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol. The ideal goals for people with diabetes in these tests are as follows:

A1C test: Less than 7%
Blood Pressure: Less than 130/80 mmHg
Cholesterol: LDL less than 100mg/dl
Through proper management of diabetes and by inculcating physical activity in daily routine, the risk of cardiovascular diseases in people suffering from diabetes can be considerably reduced.



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