Healthy Lifestyle habits leading to a successful Marathon!

An excellent way to drive motivation while trying to introduce a change to your daily lifestyle is through peers. This is just as much a mental game as it is a physical game. The “step-race”, unlike regular races is conducted over a longer period of time, and the purpose of this is not necessarily to finish before others (or win). The true winner is the one that develops healthy habits over time, which can then help to improve your long-term health.

The Breathe Well Being initiative taken by Luminous on Dt. 20th Feb. 2017 in which Luminous family members can participate while splitting the individual in small teams. Going forward, I also became a team member of Baddi Lions and start stepping. The step status depicted online made me more curious to see how many steps I stepped today.


Often these peers can help to motivate you and push your limits beyond you could ever imagine. This led to Mr. Bajinder Chahal and Mr. Bijender Singh successfully completing marathons.

My enthusiasm was getting enhanced as I starting completing the target steps easily. This all compelled me to think to polish my skills while participating in marathons organised by “Daily World Chandigarh Marathon” held at Chandigarh on 9th April 2017 and Bir Billing Half Marathon held at Bir in Himachal Pradesh on 16th April 2017.

– Bajindar Chahal and Bijender Singh


Mentors and fellow-motivators play a vital role in such stories. Thanks for being there for us!

Congratulations to you, Mr. Bajindar and Mr. Bijender. Hope to see you win several marathons in your future! Keep it up!


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