Follow these Simple habits to reduce your back problems

One of the most prominent health problems among the working population is back problems. Back pain could occur due to accidents, but more often back problems are the result of some wrongly done everyday tasks, such as prolonged sitting, sitting in the same (or wrong) position for hours, bending excessively for household work, carrying heavy weights, and so on. These are simple hacks or habits that can help you reduce your back problems.

  1. Exercise and Stretching

Exercise keeps your weight in check, and less weight implies less pressure on your spine. Stretching releases the tension in your back muscles, thus easing the strain and pain caused due to muscle tension. When you are fit, activities such as carrying a child or a heavy bag do not cause as much strain on your back.

  1. Eat healthy

By eating healthy, we don’t mean healthy food but also adopting a healthy eating style. This means following a strict time for meals, which results in better functioning of intestines and bowel movements. This decreases the tension on your back, because what happens on the inside of your body affects the outside too.

  1. Sleep sideways

People with back pain should consider sleeping sideways and not flat on the back. And if you need to sleep on your stomach, make sure there’s a pillow under your abdomen so your back doesn’t feel the stress.

  1. Ensure your body posture is correct all the time

This is one of the major reasons of back pain, which is also the easiest to avoid. Just be aware of your posture at any given point in time. Are you slouching while at work? Is your body erect? Is your head bent forward? Watch yourself and your back will take care of itself. Good posture also exudes confidence and power.

  1. Get rid of stress

We know what you’re thinking – getting rid of stress is easier said than done. We don’t want to be stressed, and yet we feel stressful all the time. We get that. But, there are ways to manage stress such as Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, etc. When your mind is calm and relaxed, the stress-induced tension on your back muscles gets released.

  1. Quit smoking

Yes, that’s right. Get rid of that cigarette in your pocket, because the nicotine in it hinders the flow of blood to the disks in the spine. Lack of blood makes them dry and causes them to rupture, in some cases. Smoking also decreases the oxygen level in the blood, diminishing its nourishing power, which affects the muscles and tendons of the back.


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