Five Reasons Why You Should Promote Exercise in Your Workplace

It is not ground breaking knowledge that exercise helps maintain a healthy body and mind. Exercise also has numerous psychological effects which can improve the work life of employees. While the effect it has on our body is widely known, not a lot of us are aware of the benefits it can have on our minds. Here are a few reasons apart from fitness, why you should promote exercise in your workplace.


Improved Decision Making

Studies have concluded that exercising helps in improving mental health and state of mind. People with a better state of mind are more focused towards their work and thus, are able to make better decisions.


Combats lethargy

One of the top benefits of exercising is that it releases hormones which are necessary to combat laziness and lethargy. People who exercise are often more active throughout the day as compared to people who don’t.


Increased Confidence

Exercising can play a huge role in boosting one’s confidence. How? One of the reasons for improved confidence is that as people become fitter, they look better and start to feel good about themselves, which naturally improves their self-esteem. Secondly, after every workout session, people feel like a winner as they’ve done their bit for the day, to achieve better fitness. When you feel like a winner, you’re more likely to take on whatever challenges you face at work and set higher goals for yourself.



Studies have concluded that people who exercise at least 4 times are week can think more creatively than those who don’t. Creative thinking is essential for problem solving, which is one of the most important aspects of all job roles.



When you work out or play a sport with your coordinates, you have an opportunity to bond with them outside of the office setting. This also helps develop a healthy competition and a spirit of camaraderie, which eventually leads to better overall performance in the office.


Mental stability

Exercising releases endorphins, which are essential to maintain a healthy and happy state of mind, and to combat stress. Studies have shown that people, who exercise or indulge in some form of physical activity such as sports or yoga, are less prone to developing mental health problems.



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