The fitness industry often falls back upon the rather convenient but completely unethical approach of body shaming potential customers in order to get them on-board. The fear of being undesirable and of being in possession of the ‘wrong’ kind of body type ends up playing a huge role in putting people on the treadmill or getting them to swallow pills. It is exceedingly important, therefore, to bust this fitness myth once and for all.

There is no perfect body, and being skinny certainly does not equal being fit or healthy. Health is a much more inclusive state of being than just what we see in the mirror, especially since whether we like what we see or not is influenced heavily by the film and television industry’s unrealistic standard of beauty. In fact, bodies cannot even be categorized into water-tight categories of ‘thin’ and ‘fat’.

People come in all shapes and sizes and fitness is important for all. So don’t let nutritionists or gyms create a fear psychosis for you. Design your own workout-diet schedule and focus on health instead of weight loss or gain. The primary objective of a happy, healthy life should be to equip oneself to deal with physical challenges as well as diseases. Don’t hate your body- instead let your love for it help you take better care of it.

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