Fitness can be fun and mentally refreshing!

Pursuing fitness isn’t meant to be all boring and work as some people may make it out to be. For some people, it is the thing that the rest of their life revolves around. They wake up in the morning looking forward to it. And you can too!

“Huuunnhhhh. Huuuunhhhh (mobile vibrator) ooooohh its 4 am …. and in another second I am out from my house for my morning walk ………..

Bhawwww bhawwwww. Wwwww wwwaaaaaww once again dogs following me ……. chirping of birds …. slightly cold air….. empty road…. some newspaper hawkers….. road cleaners…… gatekeepers…..milkman on his En-field (bullet) and senior citizens. Every day 4am i see these beautiful creations of God. Some of them doing yoga for their meditation, some pot bellied humans are running on the track..

We miss this beautiful time when we come into our professional life.Same as my team was doing, we used to wake up at 7 am; morning walk was not on my radar, it was for senior citizens only, but sooner or later, we realized the necessity. Now we don’t require any alarm to wake up; we wake up at 4 am ourselves and this wonder happened when I started to wake up early in the morning. It’s really an energy supplement which makes our day agog.

I will never hesitate to thank Breathe Well-being team and our HR team to give us this platform to perform. I must say its really a good activity for your good health. I strongly believe this activity can become a habit and this habit will credit heath in your life.

We have learnt so many good things from this activity like team work, trust between partners, support, strategy, punctuality, leadership and commitment.

Now at last I would like to end with the line –

“breathe fresh for well life ”

Sri Krishna

This story reminds us all of our childhood and time spent with family and friends. The times we used to be one with nature. The times we could smell the morning fresh air and look around to see people start off with the first light of day. These habits are easier to form than you think. You don’t need to run a marathon on the first day. You don’t even need to walk a kilometre. You just need to SHOW UP. Your body will take care of the rest for you.

Thanks Sri Krishna, for your inspiring story. We wish you all the best, and hope you continue to enjoy the sound of the birds, the bees and the dogs in the fresh morning air.


Image credit: jelley.

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