Fat Loss: Strength Training is the Answer!


Being caught up in an everyday rat race, our daily routine is not even close to being healthy. The ever increasing work pressure is taking a toll on our body. And instead of staying fit we are putting on weight, inviting a host of diseases.

However, if you have hit a revelation and are looking to improve your fitness, then there are various training methods you can choose from. But the one that we highly recommend is strength training. Surprised? Well, isn’t cardio the best method to lose weight?

Yes, cardio helps you to burn fat but only when you are working out. The burning stops the moment you are done with the workout. You can achieve the same results that you get from cardio by following a proper diet plan. It is important to note that fat loss happens when the calories burned are more than the calories consumed. Our suggestion is to reduce on the consumption.

But that alone is not sufficient. Just cutting down on the calories will help you reduce weight but you would end up lean. You don’t want to be skinny, do you? And in order to have the physique that your body deserves you should pick up some weights and get into resistance training. This will help you to build lean muscle and we bet that you would love it.

To conclude, watch your diet to lose fat and strength train to get that perfect shape you have always dreamt of.


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