Breathe Well-being brings decades of experience in healthcare, coaching, technology and diabetes education

Rohan Verma
CEO & Co-Founder Breathe Well-being
  • 10 years experience at McKinsey & Co, Nomura and healthcare sector 
  • Electronic Engineer from NTU, Singapore
  • CrossFit L2 Trainer, Mindfuless coach
Aditya Kaicker
COO & Co-Founder Breathe Well-being
  • 10 years experience at Accenture and healthcare sector
  • Computer Engineer from UCLA,
  • ACE Certified Coach
Seema Goel
Head Diabetes Coach Breathe Well-being
  • 19 years of experience in dietetic counselling with various organizations
  • Diabetes consulting at PGI Chandigarh
  • MSc Food and Nutrition from Delhi Universiity
  • Columnist with various leading newspapers
Dr Pawan Kumar Goyal
MBBS, DNB General Medicine, MD-General Medicine
  • 33 years of experience in Diabetology and Cardiology
  • 31 years of practice as a specialist
  • Consultant at Jaipur Golden Hospital, New Delhi
  • Member at Associations of Physicians of India, Cardiological Society of India and Indian Medical Association

Editorial Policy and Processes believes in the fact that information is only useful when it can be understood. Making understandable content is our responsibility and we take an integrated approach to deliver quality and understandable content.

From the process of selecting a topic to finalize the content, we with our dedicated team of experts rely on the best possible measures to ensure that the content has information that is updated and is correct to the best of our knowledge. is an organization that provides updated medical content related to diabetes and associated diseases. The objective of our content is to increase awareness among the readers and use the information of our content for their betterment in sense of enhancing lifestyle orders, and habits.

Our editors know the importance of understandability and authenticity of the content. Understandability helps the readers to get better insights from the content. Authenticity is highly essential for content related to medical treatments and ailments. We take full efforts to ensure our content meets both these aspects.

The Creation Process at

Our integrated approach begins with the presence of a diversified team. We have expert writers, researchers, doctors, health specialties, and SEO content developers who work together to come up with updated information related to the topic.

Topics are given by the SEO team which motivates our researchers and writers to move ahead with their research. Any content received from them goes to senior expert editors. After finalizing the content, the content is audited based on audit policies before going live on to the portal.

Our Team

All our content is written, reviewed, and authenticated by a team of well-experienced writers, auditors, and other contributors. The contributors include all specialists from General Physician to Dieticians & Pharmacists.

We, at along with our skilled Research Personnel team, ensure that the latest advancements are checked & relevant topics to doctors’ interests are suggested. The topics are shared with the content writers after having reviewed & selected based on the doctors’ interest. The content developers generate the best content & our proficient reviewers appraise the contents. Finally, the same is sent to the doctors for their final approval. Now, Doctors review the received contents, confirm their final approval only if it is relevant to their regular practice.

Content Developers at

Good analytical skills are required while writing medical content so that the writer can understand & develop reachable content to benefit the maximum readers. Our pool of writers is experts in developing rich quality content.

Audit Policy

Content, once created, passes through the comprehensive checking & reviewing process. It helps in ensuring reliability & meets out the sustained quality standards. We have a strict audit policy.


At, we focus to ensure the viewers are provided with the best reading experience. What could be better than having feedback from them! We consider all users’ feedback to learn about their reading experience, preferences. We always work smart to improve and achieve the best quality of content.

Points we emphasize while creating the quality content

The main aspect we emphasize is understood ability and authenticity. This requires teamwork collaboration and to maintain such consistency we have set some standards which are essential principles of this work.

Well Researched articles:

Any work should have well-researched content. The content thus is made from the latest academic medical journals and latest medical reports. We cross-check the content claims before posting them for our users.

Highly Qualified Writers

We have with us highly qualified writers related to the medical area. Our expert writers have good experience of their domain and thus come up with quality and authentic content. In case of any ambiguities, our writers are asked to avoid such a course of action or information unless very important. In such a case, we ask our writers to mention the ambiguities.

Staying updated

We regularly put in the effort with the help of the SEO team to come up with updated keywords and content. Any medical advancement and findings are updated to provide our readers with a one-stop portal where they can get the best information.


Our SEO team takes time for framing proper keywords and content headings. By doing so we can provide our readers the uniqueness in the content. We also give importance to readability and thus our language is simple which any common man can understand. We give importance to simple words in the articles so that the content reaches a larger audience.

Finally, we maintain transparency in our way of doing work. Thus, we are open to feedback from customers. The FAQ section is open for customers where the answers are from the expert medical specialist and the answers are t the best of their knowledge.

Our reputation has been a strong bridge between the Medicos and patients. Our authenticated contents have been playing a massive role in bringing both of them on the same page. This greatest quality helps in holding our reputation among our users till date.