Does Music Affect Your Mood?

If we were to ask you, when do you usually listen to music, you would certainly say, “Do I need an occasion to listen to music”? It is amazing how deeply music is interwoven with our lives, today. We listen to music while traveling to work, before sleeping, after waking up, when we can’t sleep in the night, while working, when we are happy or sad, and sometimes when we have nothing else to do.

We even turn to music when we have to put our babies to sleep. Don’t you think there’s something about music that we keep going back to it? Various studies have shown that music can considerably impact our mood and mental health. Let’s find out how.


How music affects your mood and mental health

When we listen to music of any kind, our brain reacts to it instantly. Some elements of music such as rhythm and pitch stimulate areas of the brain that handle emotions and mood. Our mind and body respond differently to different types of music. Have you noticed how some tracks immediately uplift our mood and make you feel good?


Music equals happiness

Next time when you’re having a bad day and want to feel happy, switch on your music. The scientific reason for this is when you listen to cheerful and comforting music, your body releases hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, which are essentially feel-good hormones that make you happy and euphoric.


Music diminishes your pain

When you are sad or depressed and you listen to a sad song, you tend to connect with the music on a deeper level. Subconsciously your pain subsides when the song reflects the emotions you feel.


Music makes you confident

According to a new study conducted by Northwestern University, listening to heavy bass music can make you feel more powerful and confident. If you have to give a presentation or perform on stage or if you’re nervous about an important job interview, do yourself a favor and listen to your favorite song. Or listen to an inspirational song. You could even try singing the song yourself and you’ll be surprised to feel the change in your confidence level. It will shoot up almost instantaneously!


Music beats stress

Music can calm your mind and body. If you are stressed or anxious, listening to soft melodious music can bring your heart rate within the normal range. You become more relaxed and can handle the difficult situations, better.

There were times when music was very expensive and physical boundaries stopped people from exploring different genres of music. However, with the drastic progress that technology has made over the last couple of decades, music has become accessible to everyone.

You can now listen to music from anywhere on the globe. So, why not make the most of this incredible gift of music and be thankful to the great musicians who have introduced them to us.

Let’s live life musically!


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