Core Training and its Benefits

Nowadays, no matter which gym you choose to go to, you’ll observe a set of exercises planned especially for core training. The funny part is that, in spite of the huge hype about core training, very few understand what core training exactly is.

Think about it; do you really know which parts of the body make up the core? You might be thinking of the abdominal muscles, right? Well, it is true that your abdominal muscles develop with core training but other parts of your body like the transverse abdominis, erector spinae, obliques and the lower lats also constitute your core. Thus, when you undertake core training you are training these muscles also.

Now, let’s move on to the benefits of core training. Yes, of course, you would be thinking of a prominent six pack, but six packs are only a side-effect of core training. The real benefit of it is seen in your posture and strength. A strong core also adds to flexibility and motor control. Core training tightens your abdominal muscles and improves the torso stabilization. Moreover, with regular core training your muscles learn to work together and you will also see significant improvement in your respiration.

A strong core is not just about aesthetics, it is much more than that. So for all those who want to get into better shape, make sure to include core training into your routine!

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