Combine These Activities with Your Workouts to Make Them More Enjoyable

Not everyone loves to work out; sometimes it can get boring to do the same exercises day after day in the bid to get fit. However, if you want to stay healthy, skipping your daily fitness regime is also not an option. The solution? Add an element of fun and excitement that will make you look forward to working out!

Here are the top ways to make exercising more enjoyable…

Listen to podcasts: One of the most productive ways of using your workout time is to listen to podcasts. There are various great podcasts on all kinds of topics ranging from health, fitness, productivity, relationships, books, crime, tech, gadgets, you name it. Pick your favorite subjects, listen to the engaging conversations and watch your workout time fly by.

Listen to audio books: This one’s great, especially if you’d like to work out alone and are often lost in your own thoughts. With audio books, you can lose yourself in another world while you lift weights or run on your treadmill. If you love reading but can’t find enough time to read every day, listening to audio books while working out can be a game changer for you.

Work and work out: If you look very carefully, you’d find plenty of ways how you can lead a non-sedentary, active life. First of all, ditch the car and walk the distance. Going to buy the groceries, shopping in the mall, taking your dog for a walk, playing with your kid in the park, walking to work, using standing desks, having walking meetings at work, and of course taking the stairs, are all ways to keep your body moving all through the day.

Meet a friend over a walk: We often meet friends over coffee, dinner or lunch. But, how often do we meet them over a walk? Many people claim that they think their best while walking. Science backs this too. The neurons in our brains fire better and faster when we walk. Therefore, walking can be perfect for having deep, thoughtful conversations with a friend. Walking outdoors can also keep the vibe relaxed and friendly, as opposed to the formal setting in a fine dine restaurant.

Thinking: Sometimes, we are stressed. Sometimes, we are not in the right mood. Sometimes, we feel sad, or dejected. And on such days, most people would skip their workouts. Because, they don’t feel like it. But, those are the days when you need to work out the most. You see, the mental benefits of exercises are far more immediate and apparent than the physical benefits. Your body may not lose 2 kgs after a single workout session, but you’d definitely feel 10 times better after a good workout.

Use your workouts to do some thinking, reflecting and analyzing. There may be questions, confusions or doubts running through your mind. A lot of people believe that a good run or a workout helps them clear their mind and understand their problems or situations more deeply. So, if you don’t feel like working out but don’t know why, all you have to do is work out and you’ll know why you felt that way.

The idea is to combine your workout with any activity that you enjoy more than the workout itself. Just so, you don’t have to drag yourself to the gym every day, instead you look forward to go there!

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