Cheat day: The only kind of cheating that you should consider

Let us guess. Your weight-loss regimen began with a bang. You lost weight like someone had put a magical spell on you. You were happy but just couldn’t believe that it was working. And unfortunately, it stopped all of a sudden. The magic is all gone and now you are struggling to lose even an ounce of weight. You might be thinking of dropping the current plan deeming it ineffective. But the fact of the matter is that this happens with the best of the best weight-loss plans. And just like always, we have a solution to your problem.


Try Introducing Cheats

Mind you, we would not want you to get into the cheating habit. But we will definitely like you to know that you could get through this phase with a little bit of cheating. You might have heard many times that cheats are a sham but that is far from the truth. They do work. Let us back our claim with some science.

Physiological reason

It all revolves around the hormone leptin which is also referred to as the anti-starvation hormone. Leptin is produced in the fat cells. Its function is to slow down the metabolism which means in case you are cutting down on food the leptin levels will fall helping you to fight the starvation. Moreover, when your leptin levels are high you can lose fat more easily and vice-versa. So this explains it all. Initially, your leptin levels are high and you are able to lose fat easily. As you keep on losing fat the leptin levels fall making it further and further difficult to reduce the weight. And this is where cheating comes in; you follow your diet until the cheat day where you load up on the calories to raise your leptin levels.

Psychological reason

Staying on a diet is both physically and mentally challenging. There will be days when you would want to give up and grab that packet of chips. So, to avoid these cravings you can introduce cheats to your diet plan and indulge into that yummy food not letting the cravings get the better of you.


How should you cheat?

Now that we have convinced you to cheat let us get into the how;

  1. By rule of thumb, the closer you are to your optimum weight the more often you can have cheat days. We think you know the reason why!
  2. However, someone who is far off from the target should do otherwise. For example, a person overweight by more than 40 pounds should consider cheat meals rather than cheat days from a physiological standpoint.
  3. Folks who are prone to fat gain should only opt for cheats if they are very lean.
  4. Cheating does not necessarily mean stuffing yourself up. You can eat whatever you want but make sure you stop eating when you are full.

So, don’t worry if you have hit a bump with your diet plans. A little bit of cheating here and there, if done smartly, could do wonders!



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