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Impact of Intermittent Fasting during Ramadan on diabetes patients

Last updated on August 30th, 2022As the holy month of Ramadan is underway, Muslims across the world are observing fast everyday before dawn till sunset. Not eating or drinking anything for about 14-15 hours everyday is called intermittent fasting. Well, this type of fasting is also widely popular among the people looking to lose weight. It, …

Postprandial Blood Sugar(pp) – How to Control Spikes after Meals

Last updated on September 28th, 2022The blood sugar level is basically the amount of sugar or glucose that enters your bloodstream. Your blood sugar level changes after meals regardless you are a diabetic or non-diabetic. Therefore, tracking your blood sugar level is an important part of your diabetes management program. You should monitor your sugar level …

Metformin Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Dosage & Interactions

Last updated on November 21st, 2022Type 2 diabetes global prevalence rates are increasing and this is a great concern. When the body becomes insulin resistant, the blood glucose levels increases leading to type 2 diabetes. Efficient management of type 2 diabetes is necessary so that its serious consequences like heart disease, renal failure, foot and nerve …

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