Can’t follow any diet? Portion Control Diet might be your thing!

You have tried to follow several diet plans. So many that you can call yourself an expert on the subject and in fact you can list down foods and their nutritional value in a matter of minutes. But sadly you fail at following diets every time. The smell of cheese and the sight of ice-cream lure you into quitting your mission and you eat, eat like your life depends on it. But do not worry. You can still accomplish your fitness goals without bidding adieu to your favourite food just by practicing portion control!

A Portion Control Diet is the one where you cut down on the size of your meals. It is not as difficult and aggressive as other diets such as keto or paleo because it allows you to eat regular food, foods that you like. Controlling your portions is a more convenient way to lose weight without having to sacrifice on your favourite food items.


Tips and Tactics

  • Know when you stop – You will be amazed to know how many of us end up overeating without ever realizing. When serving food, keep in mind the calories you are adding to your plate. Pause to ask yourself if your body really needs the amount of food you’re serving. If the answer is no, stop!
  • Use a smaller dish – A small plate that is full will give you the impression of a wholesome meal.
  • Smaller pizza slice – If pizza is coming in the way of your fitness goals, do not cut it out completely. Instead you can cut yourself a small piece off a thin, whole-grain crust and fill the rest of your plate with salad or boiled vegetables. Same goes for all other types of high-calorie foods. Use healthy fillers on the plate.
  • Unavoidable lunch dates – At restaurants, order a half portion of a dish or split it with your friend.
  • Drink more water – We can’t stress enough on how important it is to keep yourself hydrated. Most of the times when we feel hungry, it is actually our brain signaling us to drink water and we mistake it for hunger. Pro tip – Drinking water before a meal will make you feel full and as a result you will eat less.

  • Baked Crisps and Fries – Who doesn’t love fried food? Although, neither baked nor fried bag of chips is healthy for the body, but if you have to eat them – go for the baked ones.
  • Cooking Oil – Firstly, replace your cooking oil with healthier alternatives like olive oil and sunflower oil. Secondly, measure oil carefully while cooking as it contains hundreds of calories. Don’t be generous on oil.
  • Take your time – Taking more time to eat is a great way to trick your mind and body that you’re eating a lot, when it fact, you’re just eating slow.
  • Ditch the bag/box – We know how easy it is to finish off a pack of food when you’re munching right off the bag. So, always use a serving plate or bowl at home, and pre-filled containers when carrying food, to avoid overeating.

Staying healthy is just doing two things, watching what you eat and backing it up with exercise. Not too much to ask for, right?





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