Are You Lifting Weights the Right Way?

Weight training can help you lose fat, tone your muscles and improve your strength. However, technique matters! If you don’t follow the right technique, you may not experience maximum benefits and even end up injuring yourself.


To make the most of your weight lifting exercises, avoid these mistakes:


Not warming up – hampers flexibility and increases the risk of injury

Doing cardio before lifting weights– leaves you with little or no energy for weight training

Rushing through the workout – doesn’t allow your muscles to expand and contract effectively

Not holding dumbbells correctly– strains your wrists or makes the weights slip off

Using momentum or swinging movements– reduces the impact on the muscles, instead use your strength for every move

Ignoring pain – may injure muscles if not checked and managed in time.


To keep your weight training on point, you need to follow these expert tips:

  • Fix 5 to 10 minutes for a quick warm-up with walking and cool down with stretching.
  • Speak to your trainer to get your form right and body aligned correctly during exercises. While lifting weights, you need to be able to move through your joints’ full range of motion.
  • Beginners should start with very light weight and slow lifts, increasing the weight slowly to challenge muscles.
  • Breathe correctly – exhale while you’re against the resistance and inhale while you release.
  • Take time off to allow muscles to rest and recover; keep a minimum of 48 hours between each weight training session.


With the right weight training technique, accomplishing your fitness goals becomes a whole lot easier. Now go ahead, get fit with weight training!


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