A way to win sports shoes or a life-changing experience?

There are several ways to go about fitness. Some recommend the quicker “crash diet or workout”. Some talk about spurts of intense workouts over a longer period. And then there’s the strategy highly recommended by experts and agreed upon by all, but the difficult to conquer, “lifestyle change”.

“Weight Lost: 5Kgs (60kg to 55kg)
Dear sir,
I always wonder what I will get by taking part in Breathe Well-being competition.
– “just a pair of shoes” “

What started off as an intense competition among employees at Luminous India to win at a “step race” led to something with a much bigger consequence. It led to a change in the inherent disciplinary habits that we all strive for –

“Well my thinking changed with time; now I am a more disciplined person as my life changed as I get up early morning (5am). Previously, I used to try to get as much sleep as possible (7:30 am) before office. This activity helped increase my stamina to another level, and also led to development of leadership qualities as I have to motivate my team members everyday to complete 25k steps everyday!!”

Everyone is aware of the importance of good health. A lot of people strive to reach it. But most of us suffer from lack of motivation over a longer period of time. The solution is not to get all the dieting and workout in during that limited period of time. It is to teach yourself habits the way our parents taught us most of the things we know – “baby steps”. You must walk before you can run. Make it a part of your daily lifestyle. You don’t have to reach the pinnacle of a workout regime every day. You just have to show up everyday. And soon your body will work wonders.

“I salute Breathe Well-being developers and our management who introduced such a nice app and I strongly recommend it to continue making such competitions so that we always remain healthy and fit, and yes, a disciplined person too.

devish mahindru”

We salute you too, Devish, we salute you too. You are an inspiration.


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