7 Common workout mistakes that you might be making too!

It’s great to see that jogger’s parks, streets and gyms are kept busy by fitness enthusiasts. This indicates how health is becoming a priority for people of all ages and different walks of life.

And while you’re busy pursuing your fitness goals, it’s important to do it the right way. So, here we are, sharing with you the most common mistakes people make while working out. They are so easy to make, that probably you’re making them too.


Exercising with medical conditions

Sometimes, the excitement to get fit quickly gets the better of us, leading us to overdo our exercises. This is a strict no-no, especially for people with medical conditions. If you have joint pains, back pain or arthritis, you should always plan your exercises after consulting with your doctors. They are the best people to suggest you the right kind of exercises that’ll help you not just get fitter but also aid in relieving your pain. Failing to do so, might aggravate your pain leading to even more severe problems.


Skipping the warm up

At times, we are short on time and we think it’s okay to skip warm up. But, it’s not. Warm up exercises ensure blood, heat and oxygen reach your muscles, which make them flexible. Warm up is even more important for older people as their muscles and tendons are less flexible than others. Marching in place or doing arm circles are some simple warmup exercises that you can begin with.


Going hard on weights

Lifting weights should always be done in small progressive steps. Lifting too much weight right when you’re starting out can lead to muscle tears. Therefore, start light and slowly increase the weights as you make progress over the next few days/weeks.


Missing your workouts

When it comes to fitness, consistency is the key. Doing mild workout sessions every day is far more beneficial than doing high-intensity workouts on the weekends. Make a habit of doing some exercise every day or every alternate day. The longer the gap, the less effective your workouts would be, and also, more difficult for you to catch up from where you left off.


Not allowing muscles to rest

Muscles that have been worked out need 48 hours to rest, recover and rebuild. If you work on the same group of muscles each day, you risk injury. Design your workouts such that you alternate the muscle groups you work on.


Wrong posture

Exercising in the wrong posture can do more harm than good to your body. Keep your shoulders down and back straight at all times. In case you think you need to work on your posture, a physical therapist might be the best person to help you.


Staying dehydrated

When you exercise, you sweat which leads to loss of water and electrolytes. Low water content leads to building up of lactic acid in muscles which results in muscle cramps. You need to consume at least 6-8 glasses of fluids every day. If you exercise, the quantity should be even more. Fluids provide a cushioning effect to your joints and also help in stabilizing blood pressure and heart rate.

Here are some workout mistakes that you might be making, without really understanding their consequences. Now that you know what they are, we hope you’d be more careful!


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