5 Simple exercises/stretches to get that perfect posture

Did you just rotate your head before reading this? Does your head droop towards the floor, after all that work you put into that assignment? Then, it’s time to change your posture and feel the confidence of walking with an erect posture.


Let’s look at some simple exercises to improve your posture that you can do right now as soon as you finish reading this. So, are you ready?

  1. Chin Tuk

The chin tuk is a simple exercise that helps to reverse a bad back posture. It requires one to push your chin with you hand towards the spine, forcing it to straighten. Holding this for 5 seconds at a time, for 5 sets helps reverse a bad back posture.

  1. Back Extensions

Lying face down on the floor, with your hands stretched straight in front of your head, keeping the body as straight as possible. Now lift your shoulders off the ground as much as you can and hold for 5 seconds. This exercise is good for the entire back.

  1. Shoulder Rolls

For you, who are putting in those long hours at work and find it hard to do the exercises above, you can try, simple shoulder rolls at your desk while you’re at work. It’s good for the posture, but also releases the strain in the body.

  1. Seated Twist

Again for those reading this at your work table, this exercise is for you. A simple twisting of the back at your desk is relaxing and also provides strength to the backbone, thereby improving your posture.

  1. Doorway Stretch

As the name suggests, this exercise can be performed, holding the pane of the door and stretching your chest, on each side. Rest your hands on the edge of the pane, and bring your body forward, stretching your chest for 5-10 seconds. Aim at taking your arms higher as you make progress. This is a great exercise to improve your posture.


These were some of the simplest exercises that not only help improve your posture, but also boost your confidence. Because, a good posture can instantly make you feel better and more confident about yourself. Do try them!


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