5 Household Chores That You Don’t Want To Miss

If you find yourself always relying on your spouse or someone else in your family to do the household chores, you might want to think again. Doing household chores is one of the best ways to get a fitter body while getting some real work done. Some people find tasks such as cleaning and washing, therapeutic as well. Plus, research has shown that simple house work can burn upwards of 200 calories.

In short, spending time doing household chores is a total win-win situation for you. It’s worth it. So, what are the household chores that you should try not to delegate? Read on to find out!


  1. Vacuum your home

Start that vacuum cleaner and vacuum the house, reaching every nook and corner. Vacuuming involves stretching and bending, burning up a lot of calories, every time you do that. To make the most of this chore, don’t shy away from moving or lifting the furniture. Go all the way!


  1. Do the dishes

Don’t be the last one to volunteer to wash the dishes. Even this humble task of doing the dishes can help you lose a few calories that you’ve just consumed from the plate you are washing.


  1. Mop that floor

Mopping the floor is the most fun thing to do, even when we were kids. Besides being fun, it’s also one of the best household chores that helps you get rid of those fats and gets you a flat belly. In fact, we suggest you give your maid a day off and replace your next workout session with a mopping session. Team up with your family members for some added fun!


  1. Painting

One of the best workouts is painting, whether it’s painting the walls or fences. The action of painting involves rotation movement, squatting, stretching and overhead pressing, all of which give a good workout to your body. Just remember to be aware of the position of your body during long painting sessions to avoid strains later.


  1. Gardening

If you have a garden, we’re pretty sure it needs upkeep. Whether it is weeding, picking out the dead leaves, planting more saplings or mulching, any gardening activity helps you burn a good amount of calories. What’s more, spending time in the company of plants and trees can be relaxing for your mind, as well.


These are just few of the many household chores that one can do to stay fit, without even realizing, while also keeping your house clean. So, do you still want someone else to clean your room for you?


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