10 Ways of Working Out for Those Who Hate Working Out

Is working out daily not your cup of tea? Well, while you can always hit the gym, there are other ways to engage in physical exercises if you don’t enjoy doing any of these the traditional ways. Through these ways, you can make your workouts seem less like workouts and more like a fun activity, something that you’d be looking forward to!

We bring to you 10 such tips and tricks, so that you can enjoy the benefits of workouts even if you hate working out.

Bring in some kinship

Sometimes, having a workout buddy makes all the difference. You can take a friend, a work colleague, or a family member along to keep you motivated and fit!

Head outdoors

If the gym is not exactly your dream destination, then head out into the fresh air. Go for a run or jog, bicycle down the park, or go for a swim. When the weather is good, try hiking and trekking!

Stay at home

Not an outdoors person? You can work out at home too! Follow a fitness DVD or YouTube channel and get fit in your own living room.

Try something different

Workouts don’t have to be just running on the treadmill or lifting weights. You can join a Zumba class if you love to dance, or be a part of a recreational sports group with your social circle. Anything that gets you your daily dose of physical activity works!

Listen to something nice

If you look at exercises and workouts as a means to do something you like, you’ll be more loyal towards your routines. For example, use workouts as an opportunity to listen to music or podcasts about your topics of interest or audio books.

Sports challenge

You may find exercising boring, because it may not be as challenging or competitive. If that’s the case, then you can spice up your workouts with sports. Bring together your family and friends and get competitive while playing some of your favorite sports.

Watch a movie while running on a treadmill

Walking or running on the treadmill is a great time to catch up on a movie or watch TV shows. That way, you’d be focusing more on the video and less on the resistance offered by your body, resulting in long-lasting workout sessions.

Why sit and chat, when you can walk and talk

Meeting a friend for a coffee? Well, why not take them for a walk instead? Walking increases your capacity to think and that’s why so many great leaders, writers and thinkers prefer to take a walk when they struggle with problems or when they need to clear their head. Therefore, a conversation you have with someone while walking will be a lot more fruitful and intellectually stimulating than by doing so, over a cup of coffee.

Take advantage of your stress

Walking, running, jogging, swimming etc. are activities that are known to relieve stress. Even Yoga is a great stress reliever. So, the next time you feel stressed, look at it as an opportunity to get some workout. Trust us, you’ll come out of the session feeling a lot better than before.

Go window shopping in a mall

Not a big fan of walking aimlessly in the park? No worries. How about some window shopping? Walking in a mall or on the streets while shopping can be counted as a good way to get some physical activity and burn those calories.

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