10 Quick hacks to beat stress right now

Feeling stressed is not a rarity in these times. Sometimes, we feel stressed due to certain problems while sometimes, it’s the sheer hectic nature of our life that makes us feel so. In any case, you cannot do away with stress completely. Therefore, instead of complaining about it or being paralysed by it, you can find hacks to deal with it.

What hacks? We’re so glad you asked. Here are 10 quick hacks that’ll help you beat the hell out of stress.

  1. Be aware

Every time, you feel stressed, take a pause to acknowledge it. Saying something like, “I’m feeling stressed right now” will help you see that stress is merely a temporary feeling. It’s not a part of you, it’s what you are feeling at this moment. This will quickly put you in charge of your stress.

  1. Watch your posture

An erect posture can immediately make you feel more confident and like a winner. On the other hand, a slouching or stooping posture can make you more feel exhausted and stressed than you actually are. Notice and correct your posture next time you feel stressed.

  1. Chew gum

Chewing gum, especially scented gum, vigorously for 3 minutes or more, can work as a quick stress relief hack.

  1. Write

When you write whatever is going on in your mind, you transfer your worries onto that piece of paper, making way for positive thoughts to enter your mind.

  1. Breathe

Deep breathing is perhaps, the best way to make you instantly feel good. It regulates your heart beat ensuring your body gets enough oxygen while relaxing your mind.

  1. Treat yourself to good fragrance

Make the air in your surrounding smell good by infusing some aromatic essential oils into the air.

  1. Stretch

Stretching can help boost blood circulation, and also tackle any pain or injury caused due to prolonged sitting.

  1. Grab your go-to beverage

When you feel stressed, get yourself the drink that makes you feel better. For some, it may be a cup of tea, coffee or even a milk shake.

  1. Go for a walk

Walking not only takes you away from the situation physically, but also facilitates release of endorphins in your body, which triggers a positive feeling.

10. Force a laugh or a smile

Your internal state of mind affects your physiology. But the vice versa is true as well. Force yourself to smile and laugh when you’re feeling stressed, and you’ll notice the effects of stress fading away.


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