Having trouble losing weight? Things you may be doing wrong.


Fitness is now a part of almost every person’s life. We see people – young and old alike, in jogging parks, gyms, yoga classes, Zumba classes, etc. Everybody is doing whatever they can, to become fitter. Although, our specific goals may be different—losing weight, getting in shape, building muscles, and so on—the end goal is […]

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Follow these Simple habits to reduce your back problems

One of the most prominent health problems among the working population is back problems. Back pain could occur due to accidents, but more often back problems are the result of some wrongly done everyday tasks, such as prolonged sitting, sitting in the same (or wrong) position for hours, bending excessively for household work, carrying heavy […]

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How a sedentary lifestyle can affect your health

We know that our lives have now become sedentary. Especially, people living in cities who spend most part of their day sitting—driving to work, working at your desk for hours together, eating meals in between, commuting back home, everything is done while being seated.  Excessive sitting is what we call sedentary lifestyle. Lifestyle where there’s […]

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